Meet the artist

Michael Bronspigel, born in New York City, raised in Nassau County, escaped to the Hampton’s with his family during summers.

Bronspigel believes that Art can fulfill the task of allowing any conceptualization to be apprehended more directly, through the artists’ particular re-creation of reality in his work.  No two artists create the same response in their audience, nor should they be. Vivi la Difference!

Bronspigel draws his colors from nature, while his forms frequently involve a play on the Hebrew symbol for life, the “Chai”; a single word of two characters, meaning life.  When not creating images of the symbol of life, the Chai, Bronspigel’s art is consumed with replicating warm emotions through the vibrant use of color and form in a unique mix of materials

My Story

There he was inspired by the Light of Amagansett. As he got older he and his family enjoyed the excitement surrounding the gallery scene of the East End.

After College & Graduate School, Michael built a successful Commercial Real Estate practice.  The lure of being a hands-on artist was irresistible, and by 2017, he turned his focus to the pursuit of creating Fine Art after being inspired by Chris Kohen at Victor D’Amico’s Art Barge, in Amagansett.

My Process

Michael Bronspigel specializes in Mixed Media, turning many household products into fine art worthy of the finest homes and galleries.  His philosophy as an artist, is that his work must have “a sense of life”; that is, a sense that integrates the essence of one’s character, emotional responses, values and views of existence.  Michael’s art seeks to transform this sense into visual perceptions that can be more immediately grasped.